OHS IS A BYOD SCHOOL / Bring Your Own Device 

All students are required to bring a personal computing device to school each day for use in class to support their learning.

Digital learning device could be either a: Chromebook, MacBook, or a Windows laptop. 

Onehunga High School maintains a comprehensive ICT infrastructure, including an extensive school Wi-Fi network. Students have access to specialist computer technology and software in subjects such as Design, Music, and Media Studies, along with access to a number of self-contained computer pods.

The device needs to meet these minimum specifications:

  • A physical keyboard
  • A screen that is at least 11”
  • Battery life that lasts at least 5 hours
  • 4GB of memory
  • The latest version of Chrome browser
  • It able to connect to a wi-fi network


At school we make use of the Google Education Suite (see below) which is free for students to access.  Students are provided with a login and password that allows them to access google docs as well as classroom pages so no extra software is required.

If you have any questions around BYOD, please contact us at school. 

Access to the School Wi-Fi Network

Connecting to the school wifi is only possible on a device such as a Chromebook or laptop.  There will be no school wifi connectivity for mobile phones.  

Where can we buy a computing device (BYOD) from for my child?

Onehunga High School does not sell devices.

You may purchase a device from any retail outlet and many providers offer competitive pricing on a range of device that will meet the school’s minimum requirements.  Devices range in cost, depending on the features of the device.  We recommend the Chromebooks which can be purchased for $300 - $400. 

Many of retail providers offer payment plans to help spread the cost of a device out. Please note that we have not entered into partnerships with these firms and that the school will not receive any funds from these sales and we thank the companies below for their support for OHS families.

We advise you to look at as many options as possible before deciding where to buy. Deals are offered by offered by PB Tech, Cyclone Computing & Noel Leeming Ltd. You will receive an automatic discount in store if you mention that you are buying the device for education.




Refurbished Chromebooks

Several retailers also offer refurbished chromebooks such as:



PB Tech

PB Tech's BYOD section has a range of options and is well prices. They offer finance to ensure you are BYOD ready

"We strongly believe that students should have access to the best tech to help them learn, create, and develop strong digital & tech skills to bring with them into their futures. With the digital industry ever-growing and technology becoming more and more implemented into our daily lives, it’s crucial that young New Zealanders have access to tech in schools."

Noel Leeming

The Noel Leeming BYOD Toolkit will be constantly refreshed and updated as new specials become available. This also has all the information regarding the No Interest Loans for families who qualify. Noel Leeming also allow Education Pricing to be applied to the parent or student purchases. It is free to sign up and the first purchase over $100 will see a FREE $10 voucher credited..