Prefect Leadership

2024 PREFECT TEAM         

Prefects play a vital part in the running of Onehunga High School; assisting and supporting both staff and pupils. 

 A Prefects role and responsibilities are:

  • To act as a role model for students and promote the values of the school 
  • To maintain an atmosphere of friendly cooperation, discipline and unity in the school 
  • To wear the correct uniform at all times and with pride 
  • To adhere to school rules at all times 
  • To help ensure school rules are followed by pupils 
  • Academic and behavioural standards must be maintained 
  • To attend all meetings as required 
  • To liaise and collaborate with each other as a team, to ensure efficiency and smooth running of your own area of responsibility and of the school as a whole. 
  • To be an approachable Prefect to whom students can come to for assistance or support 
  • To always work in the interest of the school 
  • To help organise school events 
  • To attend school events when required 
The Executive Team 
Head Prefect

Magdalene Ieremia-Apelu

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Head Prefect

Cameron Ross

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Deputy Head 

Aria Van Dolleweerd

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Deputy Head 

Roy Ah Iam

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The Prefects 

Pupi Ah Lam

Riya Chettiar

TJ Gaogao

Luke Grant

Hannah Hamilton-Ralph

Sujay Narenda Mahesh Babu

Ella McGuigan

Janice Nair

Athena Ngutu

Minh Thu Nguyen

Oscar Parker

​Denayla Tavui

​Nu'ufou Telea

Rylee Williams 

2024 Prefect Team  

Congratulations on being selected as an Onehunga High School Prefect for 2024. 

The title and position of being a prefect is a privilege and honour that we hope you will look back on in future years with pride and a sense of accomplishment.

As a prefect, you will be expected to take on extra responsibilities within Onehunga High School, in addition to your studies and extracurricular activities, including helping with school assemblies and events.   We expect all prefects to set the highest standard to other students, in their attitude, behaviour, attendance, uniform and sound academic focus.  You will be good ambassadors for Onehunga High School, leading with Loyalty and Courage in all areas of school life, for others to follow. 

We encourage students to look up to our prefects, to aspire to be prefects and leaders of the future.  Our prefects are the bridge between the staff and students and the students' aspirations. As a prefect, you will be cooperative, helpful, trustworthy and responsible, motivating and encouraging all students to participate in the full school life. We encourage our prefects to show initiative and be able to work independently and as part of a team, generating new ideas and developing them to help Onehunga High School thrive.