Curriculum and Learning 
Academic success ensures students leave Onehunga High School with a choice to pursue their dreams: to undertake tertiary studies or enter employment. 

At Onehunga High School, each learner works towards their personal best. To ensure this, we have a curriculum that is broad and interesting with quality pathways. The learning is deep, challenging and personalised, ensuring students make strong academic progress through their five year journey. 

Academic tracking ensures all students are supported to realise their potential and academic mentoring provides students with the strategies to persevere and be resourceful to achieve set goals.                                                  
Junior Curriculum

In the junior school students have the opportunity to study all eight learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.  In year 9, students study a core programme of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, PE & Health., as well as a Language of their choice. 

From the Arts and Technology curriculum students select four half year courses (electives) which align with their interests.                       

At Year 10, students continue studying the core compulsory subject, which are complemented with a broad range of electives. Our students tell us that they enjoy the opportunity to select from a range of subjects so they can ‘hook into their passion for learning’.    

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Senior Curriculum 

In Years 11-13 students select from a wide variety of courses to pursue their aspirations and interests. We offer the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) Levels 1, 2, and 3 and Scholarships Examinations. 

At Year 11 students study English, Maths and Science and select three subjects. Year 12 students continue their study of English and select five further subjects. Year 13 students can select five subjects, having successfully completed level 2.                       

Academic subjects sit alongside our Pathways programme which includes a Education, Health Science Academy, Building and Construction School, Catering and Hospitality. 

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Specialised Pathways

We offer broad and exciting curriculum opportunities. OHS students excel in the traditional core learning areas and also have the opportunity to experience specialised pathways. 

Health Science Academy 

The Health Science Academy ensures a sharp curriculum focus on the sciences in the senior school. There is an expectation that students in the academy will attend special events, extra tutoring and work experience placements. We have enjoyed celebrating the successes of students taking this pathway. 

Since 2015 OHS has offered a Health Science Academy, in partnership with the Waitemata, Auckland and Counties-Manukau District Health Boards. This programme is for students who are interested in a career in the Health Sciences. There are more than 80 different careers in this field, including medical specialists, public and community health workers, midwives, nurses, dental workers, therapists and mental health workers.

Business Education   

Onehunga High Business School offers Business education from years 10-13. The Business School was the first of its kind in New Zealand. The School benefits from the ongoing professional support from a number of business people. It has well developed networks in the local community, as well as nationally and internationally. 

Students focus on the development of an entrepreneurial mindset to prepare students to be “life ready” for tertiary education, work and industry contexts of complexity, ambiguity and change.

A few 2023/2024 highlights:

  • Onehunga High Business School Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Students attended the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme to gain experience of running their own start up companies
  • Students attended Business is Awesome Day
  • Students attended Young Navigators 
  • The Financial Wellbeing team led by Emma Heaps, Programme Manager, Westpac Bank, worked with Year 9 & 10 students  
  • Senior Business Market day 
  • Students attended the KPMG hui to apply for the internship program for 2024.
  • Business Trip to Wellington
Construction - We build a house!

Early in 2005 the Onehunga High Construction School began by offering its first pre-apprenticeship course in Building and Construction. The programme is aimed at Y12 students who are looking to work in the construction / building industry. Students build a house on the school grounds which is subsequently sold to Kianga Ora.

Students spend blocks of time while at school learning theoretical and practical Building and Construction skills. The course also includes English, Mathematics, and Physical Education. The skills  learnt  are invaluable and give students solid foundations for a bright future in the construction and allied trades.

Catering & Hospitality 

In Catering and Hospitality students are able to develop a wide range of basic cookery skills. They will also learn about basic nutrition and look at ways they can apply this knowledge to making healthy family meals. Senior students go on to develop a wide skill set in Culinary Arts that will prepare them for a career the hospitality industry.

Our outstanding facilities and numerous events show care this learning area and enhance the learning experience for students.

A few 2023/2024 highlights:

  • Three of our best Food and Hospitality students’ Chloe Swaine, Alyssa Hughes & Nikki Ferris, had the opportunity to work at the Bocuse d’Or Charity Dinner held in the ANZ building
  • Students from the senior Food and Hospitality classes hosted Canapes Evening - a community event, 
  • Senior students took on the front of house roles at the Jet Park Hotel, serving canapes and a four course formal plated degustation service, for 120 guests
  • Catering & Hospitality students planned, prepared, cooked and served a meal of exceptional quality for Rotary.