Student Leadership - 2024 Councils

Meet the student council leaders & read their vision for 2024
The Academic Council 

In 2024 The Academic Council wants to create an environment of academic excellence, where everyone feels they are able to achieve their personal best. To ensure this, we want to make sure every student has the resources they need to strive for success. 

  • Alesana Mamea Joyce
  • Ansari-pour Ahura
  • Brady   Destiny
  • Cathro Isabella
  • Fong  Amelia
  • Forman Jonathan
  • Gould  Arlo
  • Konaiyan Vijayaraja    Sansithaa
  • Mahesh Babu Sujay Narenda
  • Matsas Livvy
  • Mendis Shea
  • Noorazrin Aniq Azfar
  • Parker  Oscar
  • Patel Mihir
  • Pulupaki Helen
  • Ross Cameron
  • Schultz Lily
  • Scott William

Teacher aligned to this council: Ms Gianotti

We meet every fortnightly on Tuesday at Kaitiaki time AND break 1 in A4. 

The Arts Council 

In 2024 the Arts Council want to create opportunities and connection through arts. Through workshops, showcases, events and clubs we intend to make art accessible to all students and to promote and encourage the talent and creativity in our school community. 

  • Paul Auvaa
  • Shaila  Buenaventura
  • Jacob   Cooper
  • Mele'ofa Finau
  • Jasmin  Fynn
  • Vicky Guan
  • Ja-bez Halasima
  • Jacob Henderson
  • Liam Herbert
  • Sascha Johns
  • Stella Mahy
  • Ella McGuigan
  • Scarlet Nguyen
  • Emma Roberts
  • Sadhana Singh
  • Jasmine Swords
  • Caitlin Tahilanu
  • Jayda Tearikimana
  • Aria van Dolleweerd
  • Megan Webb
  • Elsie Woodward
  • Alex Zurrer

Teacher aligned to this council: Ms Woodley

We meet fortnightly on Tuesday at break 2 in TKW5

The Cultural Council

In 2024 the Cultural Council wants to help students embrace their culture by working together. We also want to advocate for cultural awareness, celebrate diversity and inspire students be confident in who they are as OHS students. 

  • Moe Apelu
  • Kara Belk
  • Riya Chettiar
  • Angeleen Dutt
  • Xander Escueta
  • Tonga Leka Fakatava
  • Tali Feu'u
  • Cohan Harrison-Kauie
  • Jade Kirby
  • Amber-Keisha Kuluia Hampton-Toko-Mikahere
  • Alofa Lawrence
  • Keeley Leavasa
  • Atelaite Mateaki
  • Janice  Nair
  • Toren Paston
  • Shrimy Patel
  • Olivia Pepa
  • Adin Raman
  • Liam Rihia
  • Lile-Rose Sinisa
  • Tatiana Takai
  • Denayla Tavui
  • Roman Teo

Teachers aligned to this council: Ms Prasad & Ms Dwane 

We meet fortnightly on Tuesday at break 2 in A6

The Hauora Council 

In 2024 the Hauora Councils wants to build a strong community where everyone’s health is prioritised. Through encouragement, support and action we can foster healthy bodies, resilient minds and feel included. We  can empower each individual to embrace wellness, even when things get tough - to succeed in every part of life. 

  • Roy Ah lam
  • Vinnie  Carter
  • Saanvi Devi
  • Isabella Edlin
  • Rontino Felise-Godkin
  • Vincent Forman
  • Tj Gaogao
  • Magdalene Ieremia-Apelu
  • Vansh  Kumar
  • Chloe Mercurio
  • Cleo Milne
  • Salome Nurminen
  • Zeva O'Sullivan
  • Haani Patigaroo
  • Loviana Pepa
  • Daiana Radrole
  • Nora Tavui
  • Lily Te Rangi
  • Addison Tuala

Teacher aligned to this council: Ms Jacobson

We meet fortnightly on Thursday at break 2 in A6

The Service Council 

In 2024 we envision the Service Council as a driving force for sustainability and community engagement at OHS. Through fundraising, volunteering, and organising impactful events, we strive to empower students to make a meaningful difference in our community and beyond. 

  • Serafina Amosa
  • Olivia Clark
  • Aylah Colthorpe
  • Dylan Fa'amausili
  • William Ford-Evans
  • Daniel  Grange
  • Hannah Hamilton-Ralph
  • Aizah Zainab kalim Kalim
  • Ronan  Laing
  • Vivian Lemalu
  • Natajsha Lui
  • Elliott MacDonald
  • Nathan Marshall
  • Athena Ngutu
  • Donald Ngutu
  • Sheldon-caleb Nisbett
  • Emerson Rockell
  • Chloe   Simmons
  • Semelisi Taufahema
  • Rylee Williams

Teacher aligned to this council: Ms Wati

We meet fortnightly on Thursday at break 2 in TKW2

The Sports Council

In 2024 The Sports Council wants to create a space for students to express themselves, where they will not be judged. We also want students to encourage students out of their comfort zone and try new things.

  • Pupi Ah Lam
  • Christian Ah Wong Walker
  • Maisy Autagavaia
  • Enna Avdovic
  • Sophie Boulton
  • Olive Cate
  • Paige Cross
  • Ethan Freeman
  • Luke Grant
  • Lisa Hellyer
  • Sarah Hellyer
  • Nevaeh Henry
  • Mara Lee
  • Nevaeh Letiu
  • Elisetele Makalio
  • Madeleine One'one
  • Emilie  Sargent
  • Tk Short
  • Nu'ufou Telea
  • N'Kara Tiumalu
  • Nui Tixier
  • Holly van Dolleweerd
  • First Wongwai

Teacher aligned to this council: Mr Jacobsen

We meet fortnightly on Wednesday at break 1 in PE1

                   COUNCIL ROLE DESCRIPTIONS                       


Academic Council

  1. Promote academic excellence and lead the Academic Council 
  2. Promote the importance of focus, effort and aiming for excellence academically
  3. Develop and promote academic support programmes to assist students to achieve their academic potential
  4. Organize and promote school events with an academic theme – e.g. Study space for break and after school tutorials. 
  5. Inform students of academic successes at the weekly year level assembly

Art Council 

  1. Promote creative excellence and lead the Arts Council 
  2. Promote student involvement in Creative Arts activities: Talent shows, Theatresports, Art exhibitions, Debating etc.
  3. Lead Arts projects around the school to demonstrate the creative skills of OHS students 
  4. Encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities: choirs, drama groups, school productions etc.
  5. Acknowledge students’ successes at assembly

Cultural Council

  1. Promote and embrace cultural diversity and global citizenship
  2. Lead all students to embrace and celebrate all OHS cultures 
  3. Assist with cultural events: Cultural days, language weeks and any cultural nights
  4. Work with the International Department to assist with the integration of international students into the school
  5. Lead organisation of school events to promote cultural awareness and service events which support all cultures 

Hauora Council

  1. Promote nutrition, health, wellbeing and physical activity and lead the Hauora Council
  2. Lead students to develop healthy learning habits, to manage times of stress 
  3. Promote students to participate in activities that they value 
  4. Promote the values of resilience and perseverance to push through challenges 
  5. Lead OHS events that promote well-being, diversity, inclusiveness and a caring OHS environment, such as Pink Shirt 

Service Council

  1. Promote and develop sustainable practices throughout OHS and lead the Service Council 
  2. Build an awareness of community engagement and the benefits of giving back to the community
  3. Help with all fundraising opportunities and ensure volunteering time
  4. Encourage students to support various charities, by participating in OHS related events
  5. Organise school events
  6. Assist in the organisation of schoolwide service events: Pink Shirt Day, 40 Hour Famine, Shave for Cure, Anzac day etc.

Sport Council

  1. Encourage students to participate in sporting activities offered at school lead the Sports Council
  2. Assist in the advertising and organisation of sports events
  3. Organise sporting events that instil school spirit and culture
  4. Inform students of sporting successes at the weekly assembly
  5. Attend a number of sporting fixtures and support the teams
  6. Assist in the organisation of the Sporting Excellence Award Evening